Listen: Beach Fossils - "Careless"

Clash the Truth
Beach Fossils - "Clash The Truth"
(Captured Tracks 2012)

 It's only early December, yet I already have something to look forward to in 2013. Today, Dustin Payseur's band Beach Fossils announced the February 19th release of their sophomore LP, Clash The Truth, and as usual, completely revamped their sound. Evolving from their original sparkly, staccato guitar melodies and mid-tempo lackadaisical beats to a more polished sound, the band sounds more exciting than ever. The first glimpse we have at Clash is "Careless", marked by skittering drums, waves of feedback and a pop energy similar to that of Two Door Cinema Club. Oh yeah, and they actually play chords this time around! The cover art is also beautiful, giving off a Gary Numan/Joy Division vibe. Check out the new single below.

Beach Fossils - Clash the Truth tracklist:
Clash the Truth:
01 Clash the Truth
02 Generational Synthetic
03 Sleep Apnea
04 Careless
05 Modern Holiday
06 Taking Off
07 Shallow
08 Burn You Down
09 Birthday
10 In Vertigo [ft. Kazu Makino]
11 Brighter
12 Caustic Cross
13 Ascension
14 Crashed Out