Review: No Paws - "Healthy Men"

No Paws - Healthy Men
(2012 Family Time)
"Deceptively simple...mesmerizing[ly] mechanical"

Zine Issue 4 Officially Out Now!

Now that my final exams are finally over, it's time for me to start sending out zines! Issue 4 was just printed up, and is officially out today. If you're in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, copies will soon be made available at Everybody's Records and the Erlanger Public Library (as always) and now at Black Plastic Records. As for everyone else, get your free mail-order copies now, they're going fast! E-mail me your address and I'll hook you up with a zine. This issue features interviews with Leif Gutschow of Tripping the Light Fantastic, local garage rockers PURE Predication and Pennsylvania lo-fi duo Ratburn. Stickers will be made available for as long as they'll last.


Review: Halasan Bazar - "Space Junk"

Halasan Bazar - Space Junk
(Crash Symbols 2013)
Earthy...with the musty scent of the early seventies"



Cassette Corner: Street Gnar - "Study Wall"

Street Gnar - Study Wall
(2013 Burger Records / Gnar Tapes)
"Paisley-patterned jangles"




Cassette Corner: Hats - "Take Notice and Early Demos"

Hats - Take Notice and Early Demos
(2013 New Body)
"You'll probably find yourself playing an air instrument at least once."


Review: Roy Orbitron/Huge Pupils Split

Roy Orbitron/Huge Pupils - Split LP
(2013 Self-Released)
"A broad range of music housed in 12 inches of black plastic."