Review: Live From Las Vegas/Computer Says No Split 7"

Live From Las Vegas/Computer Says No - Split 7"
(Self-Released 2013)
"Tracks that aren't flashy, but get the job done"


Interview: Fraser Austin (Crystal Magic Records)

I've been listening to the digital discography of New Zealand label Crystal Magic quite a bit lately. Wanting to learn more about the label's backstory, I emailed a few questions to its founder, Fraser Austin. He also happens to be the mastermind behind solo projects Secrets and Feelings as well as a former member of electronic duo Frase + Bri. Read on for the full Q and A.


Order Issue 3 of the Zine!

Hey there! I just got finished writing issue three of the zine. If you'd like to receive a free print copy, email  your address to jude.noel3@gmail.com. Due to unexpected demand, even if you ordered last time, make sure to email me again. 

- Julia Brown
- Lo-Fi By Default
- Kinesthetiac
- Barlow

- Hanson Records
- Vaporwave

- Elen Never Sleeps
- Bevo Francis
- Santa Cruz
- Landing


Review: White Pages - 7" EP

White Pages - 7" EP
(Can't Stand Ya 2012)
"The fury that can only be fueled by potato chips and rage."


Half-Gifts turns one year old today...

Here's the namesake of this blog/zine, if you were wondering.

Cocteau Twins - 'Half-Gifts'


Single Review: Suburban Dogs - "Omen"

Suburban Dogs - Omen
(Self-Released 2013)
"Somewhere between detached cool and restrained intensity"



Review: Filardo - "Falling Up"

Filardo - Falling Up
(Holy Page 2013)
"A nice balance between the experimental and the conventional."