Summer Listening List Part 1

To stave off the endless boredom of a lazy, hazy summer, I'll be bringing you a collection of 5 singles a week that are perfectly in tune with the sunny weather. Good news is that most of these tracks are free. Enjoy!


I'm Back!

After my 2-week sabbatical caused by some computer trouble and other various things, I'm back to posting. In other news, I'm also writing reviews for earbuddy.net, a really great site for finding all sorts of indie bands. I've posted reviews of the new albums by Crocodiles and Grass Widow.

These next few days of Half-Gifts will include a look at some of my favorite albums of all time, so stay tuned for that. Also, why not give this Kiss Felix single a spin while you're here?

With the vocal stylings of an early Prince and catchy new wave not seen since the 80s, Kiss Felix's "When Your Lips Crashed Like Waves into His" is by far one of the best indie-pop singles of the year so far. The melody kind of reminds me of Prince's "I Would Die for You" If you're into The Drums or Wild Nothing, you'll appreciate this reverb washed track.