Review: Beach Vacation - "Maritime"

Beach Vacation - Maritime
(2013 Dufflecoat)
"Could music be captured through the lens of a Super 8 camera?"


Cassette Corner: Jay Tholen - "The Low Drone of Earth"

Jay Tholen - The Low Drone of Earth
(2013 Swan City Sounds)
"Who knew that prog-rock and chiptune could work together so well?"


Review: Heligoland - "Sainte Anne"

Heligoland - Sainte Anne
(Self-Released 2013)
"Brilliant luminescence with a seething ambience"



Holy Page Records Roundup

Holy Page Records 
As I learned last week, there's no better feeling than arriving home from baseball practice to a box of nine cassettes. The package of musical mirth was sent to me by Holy Page Records, a label hailing from Tempe, Arizona that specializes in taped releases that lean toward the screwball side of the sound spectrum. After having these albums rotating through my cassette deck for the past few days, I feel ready to take on the Herculean task of reviewing each of the releases. Below, you'll find the albums by individual bands, and I'll touch on the three compilations in a later post. Get ready, 'cause here's your Holy Page buyer's guide...


Review: Bare Pale - Here It Is

bare pale - if it is
(Self-Released 2012)
"Wallow in your indie-pop induced lethargy."


Single Review: Hypermagic - "Saucebox"

Hypermagic - "Saucebox"
(Everything Is Chemical 2013)
"[It] seeps into your ear canal, and circulates through your bloodstream."


Interview: A Grave With No Name's Alex Shields

I reviewed A Grave with No Name's album 'Lower' about a year ago and have been mesmerized by its subtle, chilling aura ever since. When I heard that a new LP was in the works, I knew I had to ask a few questions to Alex Shields, the brains behind the project. The full interview is below: