Summer Listening List Part 1

To stave off the endless boredom of a lazy, hazy summer, I'll be bringing you a collection of 5 singles a week that are perfectly in tune with the sunny weather. Good news is that most of these tracks are free. Enjoy!

1.) "Honeysuckle" - HOUNDSds
The musical equivalent of a warm layer cake, this song is dreamy as as all-get-out and catchy to boot. Possibly the best song yet from one of my favorite bands of 2012.

2.) "Summers Down" - Blue Boats If Wild Nothing, Ducktails and Beach Fossils banded together and formed a chillwave supergroup, it would probably sound like this surf-pop single from Blue Boats.

3.) "I'd Hear the Clouds Move" - Shoreline Is
Jam-packed with dreamy synths, chorus laced guitars and tinny drum machines and you've got the shoegaze answer to Two Door Cinema club. Listen for a great solo at 3:05.

4.) "Agawa" - Justin Chee
Justin's BandCamp page says that the instruments used are a classical guitar, a cardboard box and a cushion. This just goes to show you can make gorgeous, lush music on a tight budget. The vocals on this track are absolutely stellar. It kinda reminds me of "Faust Arp" by Radiohead.

5.) "Mao's Secret Palace" - If Anything Happens To The Cat
This song would be nice to watch sunsets and fireflies to. Think Explosions In The Sky with a poppier, more lo-fi feel.

To be continued next week...