Review: The Socials - "The Beast Bites EP"

The Socials - The Beast Bites EP
(Centsless 2013)
"Exemplifies everything I love about punk"

Though they've been around since 1994, The Beast Bites is the first vinyl release by Cincinnati punk trio The Socials. Despite the band's veteran status, one shouldn't expect to find any signs of maturity on this 7-inch record. The band's sound is built around a juvenile furor, the gritty rage of pre-Rollins Black Flag conjoined with the stark simplicity of Olympia, Washington's punk heyday. Throw in the Bikini Kill-esque vocal stylings of guitarist Mrs. Communication and you've got a 4-song EP that exemplifies everything I love about punk music: short, noisy songs that don't take themselves too seriously, putting fun above all else. The two tracks from the EP I most enjoyed were "Hot Tips" and "Nouvelle Technologie". The first of these is accented by roaring fuzz and sharp percussion, the other centered around a chorus of sour guitar notes and top-notch backing vocals by the band's drummer. This is an EP that could hold its own among Beat Happening albums, early Minutemen singles, or pretty much any of your favorite punk records. Listen to the opening track, "GoVermont" below. Buy it here --> http://www.centslessprod.com/