Interview: Wyatt Shears of The Garden

A few questions to Wyatt Shears, one-half of Burger Records drum and bass duo The Garden. Read the short but informative interview below.

  • 1) What made you guys decide to start a band that exclusively bass and drums? Do you feel this makes songwriting a challenge, or does it actually make it easier?
    Part of the reason was so we didn't have to deal with anyone else. The two of us know exactly what we want music wise, therefore there would be no reason to add anyone else. The song writing is simpler, in my personal opinion.
    2) Your newest album, The Life and Times of a Paperclip, is about to get a proper wax pressing. Is recording your third album different that recording your first two, which are said to be the most important for a band?
    The first two were recorded after this upcoming one. The order of the albums is technically all screwed up. L&TOAPC was recorded in a real studio versus the last two that were in our garage.
    3) Getting more specific about the recording process: many of The Garden's songs are under a minute long, with repetitive (and sometimes nonsensical lyricism). What inspired this sort of song structure? How do you go about writing them?

    Overly long songs have never been my interest. We like to make songs in a "Theme Song" or "Catchy Jingle" kind of sense for the most part.
    4) I know that both of you have solo projects with tapes out on Burger, each having a sound quite different from the other. What are the stories behind each?

    I began with Enjoy a while back for no reason really. I wanted to see if I liked my voice on recording, so I tried it and I liked it. I don't think there is much a story behind Puzzle. I wouldn't know though, it's not my thang.
    5) With the songs being so short and frenetic, I'm sure seeing The Garden live would be interesting to say the least. What's the energy like at a show?

    The energy can vary. It really depends on the circumstances. We don't play or do the same thing every show , so it's hard to say.
    6) What’s it like being in a band with your brother?

    What's it like? It's fine. We get along.
    7-8) Who’s the best bassist of all time? Which cereal box monster is your favorite, 
    Count Chocula, Boo Berry or Frankenberry?
    If there was a bassist for "Honey Bunches & Oats" I'd pick him.
    9) Mike Watt (of Minutemen) named his bass the “Thunder Broom”. Do you have any names for your instruments?
    No, I don't have a name for the bass.
    10) What’s next for The Garden? Will we see a 7” or something of that nature this year?

    After this upcoming record, we have a 7 inch' from Big Love Records in Japan coming out directly after.

    You can listen to the demo version of the new album below.