Review: Geodesics - "Geodesics EP"

Geodesics - Geodesics EP
(2013 Self-Released)
"Voluminous, though not dense"

It's been a while since I've listened to synth music that's this beat-centric, but Austin, TX glo-fi project Geodesics certainly supplies the sort of stratospheric sound I've come to love, immense clouds of synthesized vapor overtaken by whirling, metallic debris. Many tiny components are at work in the six songs on this disc, and it may take multiple listens to pick out each one; at times the bass, growling steadily as if the song's engine, might get your head slowly bobbing, while other times you'll look upwards to marvel at the scyscraping synths. It's as if there are two dimensions to the EP, each equally compelling: one existing underground, full of dark, whirring noises, the other in the sky, Com Truise-esque sound effects bending and twisting in the jet stream. Distant, almost robotic vocals battle for space in the jumble of noise, bridging the middle ground between these two worlds. The multifaceted songcraft makes this EP a voluminous one, although not very dense, allowing you the space to comfortably take it all in. I've been lacking some much-needed chillwave in my musical diet recently, and Geodesics provided me with 100% of my daily allotment. You can get the disc on the Geodesics Bandcamp page, and it will soon be available via Haunt Yourself Tapes.
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