Review: Cedar Skies - "Out of Reach"

Cedar Skies - Out Of Reach
(Self-Released 2013)
"Pointillist guitar, earthy drone brushstrokes"

Mind-blowing shoegaze in pill-form, Cincinnati's Cedar Skies packs plenty of explosive dream-pop into a tiny, eighteen minute package on the project's new EP, Out of Reach. Taking influence from the early 90s Cocteau Twins sound, the project's sole member, John Zahorian, paints impressionistic soundscapes with pointillist guitar, and earthy drone brushstrokes. Taking shape from the dense fog of the opener, "Mother Nature", the EP is like an ice sculpture, towering into the air, carved from translucent and brittle guitar notes. The wavering vocals reflect majestically off the surface, yet do not distract from the songs beauty as a whole.  Apart from the full-length song, there are three short transition tracks, the best of these being "Failed Opportunity", with its tumbling bass notes and swelling synthesizers, melting into the intro of "Gift to Me", an understated song that may be the albums best, warbling layers of luminescent guitar wobbling around the flickering of a quiet drum machine. I'm excited to find out that there's a true shoegaze band nearby, and I hope to see them play soon. If you're into Robin Guthrie's guitar work or the orchestral beauty of Sigur Ros, then you'll love this EP as well. Listen to the transcendent sounds below.