Single Review: Jandergan: "Two Is Glue"

Jandergan - "Two Is Glue"
(2015 New Branch)

For a debut single, Jandergan's "Two Is Glue" feels like the product of a band in its prime. An intricately crafted blend of shoegaze, midwestern-emo and the wiry riffage of late 00's indie rock (Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club), Jandergan's sound is mature and nuanced, a constellation of spacey dream-pop guitar harmonies that unfurls before the listener on a canvas of reverb. Jandergan's serene, summery brand of psychedelia evokes Cosmic Rough Riders' "Life In Wartime", a hazy slice of folk-rock accented by twinkly harmonics. The Lexington, Kentucky scene is one of the most underrated in the country, and Jandergan, alongside acts like Jovontaes and Idiot Glee, is yet another reason to keep an eye on the woozy psych-pop that the college town has been a hotbed for in recent years.