(Self-Released 2015)

Lo-fi elevator-core in the jazzy vein of Mac Demarco, SPILL's debut EP lives up to its title: it's a fun, nostalgic and cozy record that may not be the most filling release on the market, but is certainly a reliable choice that's perfect for those who need a quick fix of twangy slacker-pop. The EP's opening title track is a bit of a throwback to the hypnagogic sound of Ducktails and Julian Lynch. Combining a grainy twee-pop aesthetic with smooth bossa nova rhythms, the song would fit right alongside any of K.K. Slider's instrumentals that are scattered throughout the Animal Crossing soundtrack. SPILL's sound grows funkier as the EP progresses; "Lucky Day" pairs reverby lead guitar with a meaty bassline and skittering percussion while "Vitamin" throws watery organ pulses into the mix. TV DINNER is a brilliant and brief  morsel of fuzz-pop that you can file under "lo-fi easy listening".