Review: Hacktivism Records - "Bedroomcore Vol 1"

Hacktivism Records - Bedroomcore
(2015 Hacktivism)

When assembled correctly, there's nothing better than a good cassette compilation of shoegazey bedroom-pop, and Hacktivism's coast-to-coast assemblage of lo-fi anthems and ambient explorations is one of the finest comps I've gotten my hands on. Each tape comes packaged in a turquoise Norelco case that would fit right into Odd Future's signature color pallet. The album artwork really evokes the spirit of the "bedroomcore" revival: primal self-expression that is, strangely enough, deeply rooted in the internet era's remarkable ability to provide a space for artists within the genre to congregate. "Bedroomcore" is both a rejection and celebration of modern technology, using the cheapest, most archaic means of production available to present your music to anyone, anywhere on an easily accessible digital platform like Bandcamp. All facets of the scene are represented on this comp: there's a lovely piece of Wild Nothing-y jangle pop provided by Dear Tracks, Sob Story's haunting shoegaze tune that makes use of Japanese vocaloid software and even a crunchy keyboard cover of a song from Steven Universe that closes out the tape. Every song on Bedroomcore is a hit in its own right, making for an essential addition to any tape-head's library