Review: MMIX - Liam

MMIX - Liam
(2012 Self-Released)
   Although Liam is just a group by three kids from Germany recording at home, their debut MMIX may be one of the most important (and overlooked) post-rock releases of the 21st century. As Picasso once said, "Good artists copy, great artists steal." If that's true, then Liam is guilty of a grand theft from the greatest shoegazers and post-rockers of the past 3 decades. But it's not a bad thing, as all these influences are wedged together into a delicious sandwich of sound that will rock you to the core.

   The first thing you'll find out about Liam is that they like to make a good first impression. Track 1 (all tracks are untitled) starts out innocently enough with the sonic keyboards of Sigur Ros and the tight, meandering drums that have become cliche in the instrumental world. Around 4:50, things start to change. A jaw-dropping epic ball of fuzz even J. Mascis could admire comes roaring out of nowhere and everything just explodes. It seems that there would be no room for Liam to improve on this, but they do. In track 2, huge doses of even more breathtaking sonic fuzz are dished out upon the listener interspersed with gorgeous melodies of chiming guitars.

   Track 3 is a darker venture, warbling guitars provide the build-up to a blistering metal-like climax that would leave Explosions in the Sky green with envy. Number 4 is calm with fast, racing drums that build up to yet another dose of amazing, crunchy action.While it may seem like this combination of buildup-climax-resolution would become tedious, I kid you not; it does not get boring at all. In fact, with each track, one enjoys this sound even more. A run of more amazing tracks leads up to track 8, a barely audible number that leaves on desiring more.

 While it seems that (according to their BandCamp page) Liam has disbanded, I will relish this finely crafted masterpiece for years to come and urge you, faithful readers to buy this album. It's a name your price album on bandcamp, so if you download it, type in 0 if you want it for free type in 0. If you'd like to donate to Liam, type in the amount you'd like. Listen and download it below.