Recommended Listening: Dive

DIVE - Live @ Brooklyn Bowl
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    If you're as rabid a DIVE fan as I am, I know just how excited you are for their upcoming debut album 
(titled "Oshin") that's going to be released this June. Luckily, after months of searching, I've found a full concert video laden with unreleased tunes. If this is any indication of how good Oshin's going to be, we're in for on heck of a thrill-ride. In fact, this could 2012's defining album! (Think Yuck from last year.)

Track-By-Track Commentary
1.) 0:00 - 1:32 (Title Unknown)
  After hearing this song during an interview for Newtown Radio, I've been searching frantically for the title of this song but have had no luck. All I know is that they open every live show with it, so it might be "Druun" the first cut off Oshin. Anyway, if you combined the groovy bass and 80s shimmer of Wild Nothing and the heavy flange of Ducktails its offspring wouldn't be half this good. The only way I can put this is, (sadly) chill to the max!
2.) 1:35 - 3:36 (Title Unknown)
  If you thought DIVE couldn't improve on the great foundation of singles they've laid down, you're sorely mistaken. With a tumultuous guitar line and eerie synths, this is an atmospheric and goosebump inducing track. It stays true to the Dive formula. Start off with a catchy opener, rattle off two or three lines of shout-y lyrics and then launch a solo, lifted by a dreamy combo of shimmering drums and dreamy bass, into the atmosphere. If I'm looking forward to any of the songs to be released in June, it's this one.
3.) 4:00 - 6:42 (Human)
  The A-side to DIVE's second single, this live version of Human does not disappoint. I can't wait to hear a full studio production of it. Besides their stage presence, (Zachary's anime-esque curl of hair, his odd wardrobe and the band's overall energy) 80s punk infused songs like this one show us that DIVE is meant to be experienced live.
4.) 6:48 - 9:12 (Big Joke)
  The B-side to the aforementioned single, Big Joke will not be rereleased from the studio but it holds its own. Although it doesn't sound as polished, the song boasts delay-heavy guitars and screeching riffs. Can't go wrong with that combination, can you?
5.) 9:18 - 13:50 (Title Unknown)
  A surprisingly down-tempo track for an always in-your-face band. I'm really liking how many of these songs only have one verse of lyrics. Lots of chorus effects and plenty of Zach's expert guitar work to make this one magical.    
6.) 13:52 - 15:53 (How Long Have You Known?)
  My favorite track they've released so far, "How Long..." is no less majestic live. Some of those solos at the end really get to me; it'll get stuck in your head for days.
7.) 15:58 - 18:38  (Wait)
  Heard this one on the Newtown radio set and have been addicted ever since. It's the most conventional song in the Dive archives, especially for a band that follows no musical rules. They're really starting to remind me of fellow 80s punk-rock fixture fIREHOSE.
8.) 18:40 - 21:35 (Title Unknown)
  Just more of that fast paced, mostly instrumental action DIVE's known for. While this song has its moments, it's going to be overlooked when compared to the other great tracks.
9.) 21:38 - 24:24 (Sometime)
  This song was the world's first taste of DIVE, and will be the benchmark for any other future releases. This one doesn't work too well live though. It's meant for the studio where it can be overloaded with reverb and echo.
10.) 24:25 - 25:33 (Title Unknown)
  Super influenced by drone rock, this one is wonderfully nightmare inducing and wonderfully short as well.
11.) 26:00 - 29:23 (Untitled)
  Untitled is a surf punk song that really just doesn't do it for me. It's the only song by them I haven't liked, so it's a good thing it won't be on Oshin. Maybe it's the scream at the end that turns me off.  
  With the ability to rattle off catchy shoegaze tunes at breakneck speeds, I'm hoping I can see these guys live for real one day. It's too bad there's not really an indie rock scene in Northern Kentucky. Anyway, these guys are great! Really check 'em out sometime.