Review: All Flows - Acid Aura

All Flows EP - Acid Aura
(2012 Self Released)

   It's been said that the greatest statement is the understatement. If that's true, then Acid Aura's debut instrumental 3-song EP is as profound as a 15 song Arcade Fire concept album. Clocking in at just under seven minutes, All Flows is but a fleeting dream; it's short, strange, and leaves one wondering if such an experience was real or imagined. Taking cues from ambient legends: Robin Guthrie, Ducktails and (dare I say) Brian Eno, Acid Aura has created a surreal masterpiece.

   The EP opens with a song as warm as the color tone of the album cover called "Am I Memory." A cozy, repetitive song, it floods the ears with the sound fresh baked chocolate chip cookies would make if somehow they made noise. "We the Pagan" takes more of a Real Estate/Ducktails approach, a chorus heavy song with a twangy vibe. The EP becomes more adventurous on the closer, "Isis Unveiled." Taking cues from Explosions in the Sky, it's surprisingly melancholy post-rock with warm keyboards supplementing the dark guitars. While the briefness and repetitiveness may turn a few off, All Flows is still gorgeous and will be on rotation on my iPod for weeks to come.

   Download All Flows below.