The KVB - Always Then

2012, Clan Destine Records
Score: 8.3

     The KVB are a London based post-punk band fresh off their eerie new release, Always Then, which pulses with synth-charged energy. The album kicks off to a stellar start with the New Order-meets-Soft Moon song, "Captives." It's actually a pretty upbeat, danceable start to such a cathartic album. When the trance-inducing bass from "Waiting for the Fall" kicks in, it starts to feel like Halloween in the spring. "Hands" explodes into an icy abyss, while "Leaning" drones on with creepy synths.

   "Here it Comes" really threw me for a loop with it's 60s bluesy bass-line; it's less like a cheesy Dracula movie and more like kickin' it on route 66. It's small surprises like this that make Always Then so special. "Boots" is sludgy slow burn, yet still stays decidedly funky. "Dreams" is like Egyptian surf music, and "Truth" closes the the album smoothly, with the impression that KVB still has room to get better.

   Always Then is a very mature release from a band who isn't afraid to flaunt their many influences. Must have tracks are "Captives," "Waiting for the Fall," and "Here it Comes," but there's really no filler on this album, so support the indie music industry and buy the whole thing.

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