Introducing: The Honeyheads

 It seems like some sort of crime that this Hamburg based band has gone virtually unnoticed since their early 2011 release "Trivia About," so it feels fair that I do my best to make up for it. While the Honeyheads have a raw unpolished sound, channeling a distinct 90s flavor, they have some breath-takingly beautiful moments, especially when female vocals are involved. The album starts of with fanfare to spare with their (obviously My Bloody Valentine influenced) opener "Saturday." Other tracks I keep finding myself going back to include are the bouncy, yet wistful "Listen It's Gone," "I Know," a song that would even make Mazzy Star herself proud, and "Goodwill St." which is about as twee as you can possibly get. All said here, if you call yourself a self respecting indie rock nerd, check out the Honeyheads.

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Give their album a spin or two or three.