Interview: 10 Questions with The KVB

  Hey gang! Ever since coming across their latest album, Always Then, I've been absolutely addicted to the droning, synth heavy sound of solo artist The KVB. I decided it was time to get to know him a little better, and chatted with him over e-mail. Listen in on our conversation by reading on...

Me: For people who haven't yet heard of the KVB, what are some key things to know about you?

The project was started by me in 2010, the first release was a tape called 'The Black Sun' on FLA this was followed by various other releases, including a 10" vinyl on Downwards ('Into The Night') and the first full length album ('Always Then') has just been released via Clan Destine Records. My girlfriend Kat joined on synth's and visuals in 2011 and we played our first live show in London in December 2011, which was followed up with a European tour in January 2012.

Me: What bands are you really into right now? Are there any that might surprise people?

Hmm probably no surprises, but im currently liking Deathday, The Vivids, Led Er EstUmrijeti za Strojem and Carter Tutti Void 

Me: How did you decide on the name, "The KVB?"

It comes from my 'name' :  Klaus Von Barrel

Me:  Which tracks that you've released so far are your favorites? Do any disappoint you?

Im proud of all the tracks which have been released, but am especially proud with the tracks which exceeded my initial vision/expectations, like : 'Into The Night' or 'Captives'. I've been disappointed by plenty of tracks, but that's why they don't get released.  

Me: If you could be a member of any 80s band, which would it be?

Probably the Jesus & Mary Chain - i imagine it would have been pretty crazy period, having your gigs descend into full blown riots!

Me: What's the process of recording a KVB album?

I write and record all the songs at home and i tend to work on tracks in short bursts of days. Once i write one im happy with, the inspiration starts to flow and i try and get as much done as i can. The tracks for the releases are usually decided between me and the label.

Me: What was the first song you ever wrote?

Oh, i cant remember the first song i ever wrote, but i remember the first KVB song was a track called 'Eyes' off the first tape.

Me: Chocolate or Vanilla?


Me Sum up The KVB's sound in one word.

(Aural) Chocolate

Me: What's one thing you'd like to tell all your fans out there?

Thanks for all the support!

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