Single Review: Make It Plain - "Somersault"

Make It Plain - "Somersault/Hutch"
(2012 Rok Lok)
"Cozy and dulcet."

As if I needed another neo-90s indie rock band to fawn over, this single by New York's Make It Plain has recently been getting some serious airplay on my mind's radio station and many spins on my turntable. Falling somewhere between the innocent pop-punk demeanor of Tiger Trap and the even more lighthearted jazzy jangle we've come to love from Belle and Sebastian, the feelings to be had on both sides of this single are cozy and dulcet. If you enjoy bands with shimmery guitars and vocals that recall the riot-grrrl movement, then  I can't stress how much you're going to love Make It Plain. 

The A-Side, "Somersault", kicks off with chords of melted butter and the simple, steady thwack of a snare, breaking down into a charming chorus. It's a perfect song built from rudimentary components about an age old subject: the last gasps of summer. "Hutch" is the B-Side of the single, but it's not to be overlooked. The mellow, yet more fervid tune seems to draw from different influences than its counterparts, perhaps Sebadoh instead of Beat Happening. In fact, there's a bridge in the track that kinda reminds me of Sebadoh's "Skull". Although I prefer full albums, sometimes singles like this can really get the job done. Listen below.