Single Review: Bunny Boy - "Aqua"

Bunny Boy - "Aqua"
(Granite Tapes 2016)

"...and viewers like you - thank you."

"Aqua" floats in an Ovaltine swimming pool, sunburned biceps girded with a pair of Casiotone water wings. It treads the lactic surface, its bouyant ripples of synth mimicking the warble and wobble of a THX logo creeping towards a static-charged television screen or an intro to a mid-80s episode of PBS Frontline. This mucoid ambience bleeds into tissue paper tape-whirr like the death throes of a particularly nasty fever - it's a triumphant, head-clearing sneeze expelled by the respiratory imagination of Massachusetts' Bunny Boy, his whiskered leporid nose twitching in relief.

The track's looped sequence of music-box synthesizer gradually snakes its way through a densely wooded chord progression that grows more cinematically bassy as the melody ventures deeper inside. Cue the lens flare; let the flashback sequence commence.

Bunny Boy's Shelly drops September 5th via Granite Tapes.