Single Review: Ross From Friends - "Gettin' It Done"

Ross From Friends - Gettin' It Done
(2016 Distant Hawaii)

A UFO-shaped box that flips its roof to reveal a sesame-studded interior. A styrofoam carton warmed by a few soggy pancake discs. Ross From Friends works graveyard shift hours to fry up short-order servings of greasy lo-fi house, dripping with fuzzed-out RnB sleaze and fatty percussion. It's meant to be consumed tired, eyes heavy-lidded or crusted with a bad night's sleep - cop it through the drive-thru on the way to work or scarf it off wrinkled wax paper at the tail end of a long night with friends. 

"Gettin' It Done" is convenient comfort food. It's warm, it's accessible, and it's addictively crunchy. Sparkling, vaporwaved chunks of meaty synthesizer are chopped to bits by hollow, metallic drum machine thwacks atop a bed of steady kicks. Simple and effective. Hella tasty.

Unwrap a vinyl copy here: http://lobstertheremin.com/album/youll-understand