Single Review: Juan Wauters and Carmelle - "Wearing Leather, Wearing Fur"

Juan Wauters / Carmelle - Wearing Leather, Wearing Fur
(2015 Captured Tracks)

Instrumentally comprised of little more than acoustic guitar and the occasional garnish of melodica, Wearing Leather, Wearing Fur makes the absolute most out of its bare-bones construction. The track a 15 minute-long, ever evolving piece of outsider folk that deals with identity and fitting in – themes that neither of the songwriters is a stranger to - trading verses and instrumental solos seamlessly. Wauters of The Beets takes the role of guitarist, laying down the wonky arpeggiation that is instantly recognizable as his own, unobtrusive yet charmingly twangy. Carmelle Safdie of the Beachniks adds some variety to the mix with her melodica and harmonica. Carmelle kicks things off on the vocal end with a catchy, almost chant-like tune about taking pride in one's self, a punker version of a song you might here on Sesame Street or Fraggle Rock. It's the most accessible portion of the record and the perfect way to ease into into the goofball atmosphere that the duo seem to effortlessly conjure. Juan’s subsection towards the center of the piece, I’ll call it “She Might Get Shot”, is my favorite moment of the record, featuring some great vocal harmonies and a killer melodica solo.