Single Review: Jessica And The Fletchers - "Air Balloon Road"

Jessica + The Fletchers - Air Balloon Road
(Self-Released 2015)

Fittingly christened after an early Sarah Records compilation, "Air Balloon Road" is perhaps the ultimate twee-pop tune. It's pure pleasure compressed into a manageable two-minute portion of aural cotton candy: sweet, airy and ephemeral. Each instrument is inundated with reverb, from the hazy, distorted rhythm guitars to the liquescent keyboard riff that opens the track. There are some beautiful, echoey vocal harmonies that remind me of christmas carols or a spaced-out version of the Archie's. Though Jessica and the Fletchers' new single is, on the surface, a droning mass of lo-fi fuzz, it is a lovely, catchy song that will please c86 purists and bandcamp browsers alike.