Boys Age Announce End of the Year Release on Little L Records

Boys Age - Tiger Tiger
(Little L Records 2014)

Bearing lush arrangements and a shimmery coat of cavernous reverb, the latest album by Japanese avant-pop outfit Boys Age wears its Yo La Tengo influence on its sleeve. It's not surprising, as Boys Age frontman Kaznary Mutoh considers himself the drone-pop trio's offspring. Tiger! Tiger! reflects the nervous, bookish energy of early 2000's indie rock while still employing a few more recent trends: lo-fi drum machine on "Love The Clumsy", shoegazy guitaristry throughout "Jaunte" and a bit of Ariel Pink-esque quirkiness sprinkled throughout. It's an engrossing effort that boasts much more depth than your average home-recorded release. The album just dropped today, and you can pick it up on tape via Little L Records.

Half-Gifts: Your newest album is very vibrant and quirky, reminding one of Mac Demarco and Yo La Tengo. What music were you listening to while recording TIGER ! TIGER ! ?

Mutoh: Those days, I was absolutely crazy about Yo La Tengo, Kurt Vile, Gap Dream, Television. and I learned music for this album from Yo La Tengo, Kurt Vile, Lou Leed, The Clean, Television, Nat King Cole, June Carter Cash, Fran├žoise Hardy.

There are some pretty complex instrumental parts on the album, how was it recorded? What sort of equipment did you use and what was the process like?

I always use KORG classic hard disc MTR D3200 at my bedroom. At first I recorded some guitar, bass, and vocals phrases on simple machine beat, (At this time, I'm already thinking some extent arrangement about songs.) and then I recorded some instrumental melodies one by one with cheap synthesizer. It takes a very labor. because I don't use convenient digital ways as copy & paste. I can't love those ways. Finally, I go to the practice studio bring the MTR and recorded drum part. It's hard work to be carrying heavy equipment, because I'm so weak and have a very skinny body.

Which do you like better, CDs, cassettes or vinyl?
In Japan, CD is receiving overwhelming support. But I love analog media. CD isn't interesting. I would rather buy mp3s than buy CDs. mp3 is enough. Vinyl and Cassettes is difficult to say which of the two is better. I both love. Hmm...if now, I choose the cassette. I just bought a new Panasonic tape player.

Do you have anything planned for next year, musically?
We have some plans to release on tapes and 7 inches and compilation. For these, I'm praying to go on well. I'm talking a little with R.Stevie Moore. I think that it is making a lot of album also next year.