Cassette Corner: Big Booty Bill and Da Fish

Big Booty Bill and Da Fish - First Two Mixtapes
(2014 Kandahar Homedubs)

For some, this hour-long venture into the discography (two mixtapes) of vaporwave rap duo Big Booty Bill & Da Fish might seem a gimmicky release, yet others will find this release to be one that displays enough depth to warrant intense study and obsession, the sort that often stems from outsider artists with a rich collection of lo-fi explorations. Triple B and Da Fish are brothers; the former is in his mid-to-late teens and the latter, I assume, is about eleven or twelve years old. The two have a chemistry that only kin can share, exchanging cleverly written (and often hilariously deadpan) verses. Bill is blessed with nice flow and, once a dash of reverb is added to gloss them over, a decent set of pipes that mesh well with the sultry, saxophone-laden samples that often compose his backing tracks. Da Fish has an awkward, yet charming delivery, vocals culled straight from the elementary school chorus, stumbling over multi-syllabic phrases like "I'm a ladykiller not sure of infatuation / but if she wants to go I'll take public transportation". It sorta reminds me of a fire safety rap I'd have listened to at an elementary school assembly, given that it had the psychedelic post-internet production one might hear in a Yung Lean track. Though a couple songs lack direction on this tape, "Big Booty Boards of Canada" for instance, 90% of it hits extremely hard. "Enid", a lush, dream-pop jam about the struggle to find fast food in gentrified Brooklyn, is my cut of choice. Though a challenge to get into, Big Booty Bill and Da Fish serve up some of the freshest and most entertaining rap I've heard this year. If only I could get my hands on a physical copy...


very omnipotent swag corporation: http://www.mediafire.com/?djbhvv78b6j8jap 
(lyrics: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?8plq5eb46o44bvn)

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