Interview: Passion Pusher

Questions and answers with James Gage of Scottish fuzz-pop project Passion Pusher.

Many of my favorite Scottish bands like Cocteau Twins, Mogwai and even Belle and Sebastian (to some degree) are noted for having a reverb-washed and dreamy sound. Which bands have most influenced your musical style?
Probably more American bands if I'm honest; I've found a lot of great Scottish musicians now that I've started recording and gigging but before that it was mainly lo fi garage rock like White Fence and Ty Segall that opened me up to simply recording with whatever's at hand, so I think that heavily influenced my slop pop style.
I did used to listen to a hell of a lot of Iggy Pop and Joy Division around 12/13, so that may have creeped in on the style I play at the moment.
I've found that one of the most noticeable components of your music, and your biggest similarity with the bands you mentioned (especially with White Fence) is your rapid output of music in all sorts of different styles. Do you find that recording a lot of different tracks in a short amount of time is more satisfying than working on a small amount over a large amount of time
It seems to just be the way I work. I completely hate recording a small couple of songs over a long period of time.
I begin to hate my work very fast so I rush it until I think it's okay and then just throw it out there with whatever else i recorded at the time.
My approach to song writings very weird, I don't really have many full formed songs. I kinda just bash them out and try and learn them back from my recordings to play at gigs etc
But it's always been music over lyrics for me. I am a truly terrible lyricist and my voice sucks haha.
Has releasing your music on bandcamp led you to meet new people?  
Yeah it's introduced me to a lot of great musicians who get in contact for splits etc
I actually have a split EP coming out on cassette by the end of January with an American artist Dead Katz, and I have the collab album being planned between me and The Furnsss singer Brendan Dyer, Nadnerb
What are your favorite bands you've discovered through bandcamp?
Definitely at the moment The Yawns, an awesome band from Glasgow, Real Swell, Dead Katz, Brazilian Money, Franco years, Elvis Depressedly.
Though if i'm honest I do get nearly all my music through friends putting stuff on bandcamp or finding it on bandcamp.
Kinda my go to for new music
Which of your own EPs or albums are you most pleased with?
Probably My Least Favorite Book, Bury Me Next To My Father and The Devil and; Me
I think My Least Favorite Book is the one I listen to most. It's a bit more dream-pop oriented than the rest of the music you've posted 
Yeah I'm actually planning on grouping The Devil And Me and My Least Favorite Book into one release and putting that onto cassette myself.
Was thinking of doing a small limited run of my dream pop material.

What's a typical Passion Pusher gig like? Do you have a full backing band?
It's just me and a drummer.
They're usually pretty hectic and crazy.
Me and my drummer, the wonderful Matti Art, usually get super drunk before and during and just kinda have fun
What other bands have you gone to see this year?
I saw the Growlers with Tomorrows Tulips around October, i saw some pretty weird and crazy bands in Bosnia when i went there around and I think I saw Animal Collective at the beginning of the year or it might have been the end of last year.
To be honest I've spent most of this year in my room recording.
I saw Animal Collective last month actually. 
Do they still have the whole mouth stage set up?
It was amazing when I saw them.
It was a crazy light show.
Avey Tare and Deakin were wearing jump suits.
And Avery Tare had dyed his hair blue.
I was super bummed they never played Winters Love though.
Have you covered any of their songs?
haha I have actually they're pretty terrible covers.
I covered Winters Love and Banshee Beat when I was about 14/15 on my ex girlfriends apple mac.
That was when I was putting stuff out under the name Portasound.
So what do you think is in store next year for Passion Pusher?
My album/ep thing Bury Me Next To My Father is being released on cassette through the label Cath Records.
I have the split with Dead Katz being put out through Electropapknit, a Glasgow label.
Got a bunch of gigs booked
Hopefully things will start to take off and more people will start listening.
fingers crossed.