Single Review: Roof Doctor - "Dad"

Roof Doctor - "Dad"
(Maggot House 2013)

With the creamy saxophones that so defined their last album out of the picture, Roof Doctor's former brand of twangy prog-rock is confined to the recurring guitar riff on their new single "Dad". It ventures into territory that's a little foreign for the Philadelphia five-piece, airy emo that resembles fIREHOSE if it were fronted by Lou Barlow. Mark Harper's blunt and endearingly monotone vocals trudge through distant feedback and harmonics delivered by a mechanical, motorik rhythm. A piano bursts brilliantly through the mix midway through the track, and although the instrument is often used to add fragile beauty to a song, it sounds surprisingly aggressive on "Dad". The song will be included on Roof Doctor's upcoming LP, Freedom Mobile Home, and suggests a fresh direction for the band. Listen below.