Issue 5 Now Available

Issue 5 of the Half-Gifts zine is out now. This installment features interviews with Ben Wiley of bedroom pop unit Booksmart, Shawn Abnoxious of Cincinnati punk band The Socials, and Christian Filardo, founder of Holy Page Records. Also included are reviews of the new Bel Argosy tape and a split between Tripping the Light Fantastic and the Honeyheads. I received an unexpected amount of readership for the past couple of issues, and I've decided to put this one up for sale on Bandcamp. Half-Gifts is a non-profit zine, but postal rates are skyrocketing, and it's getting tough to pay for shipping costs. If you live in the area, I will soon be leaving free copies at Sugarcube Records in Covington, Everybody's Records in Cincinnati and the Erlanger Public Library. I'll let you know when that happens, which should be soon. I also put older issues on bandcamp in case you missed 'em. If you've got questions, hit me up with a message or comment. Thanks, and I hope you guys like this issue!