Cassette Corner: sink/sink - "A Lone Cloudburst"

sink/sink - A Lone Cloudburst
(Already Dead Tapes 2013)
"Wistful pop cloaked in orchestrally layered feedback"

Not the sort of fare one would expect to find pressed on cassette, sink/sink serves up vaporous shoegaze of Sigur Ros-ian proportions on their sophomore album, A Lone Cloudburst. Wistful pop cloaked in orchestrally layered feedback, the tenuous tunes on this tape are among the year's dreamiest, with surprisingly sinister undertones. The New Zealand band channels the snarling drone of My Bloody Valentine as well as Hank Dogs' dreamy take on folk; the result is breathtaking. Even if you're not much of a tape head, A Lone Cloudburst is a must-have. 

A wailing, siren-like drone opens the album with clattering sounds audible in the background. It's the intro to the song "Cherished", which is pierced by delicate guitar chords that usher in Ylva Krantz's echoing vocals, reminiscent of Rachel Goswell's articulations for Slowdive. The drone of a cello soon materializes, further adding to the dreamscape's richness, and a piano sample also enters the mix, creating a few moments of eerie dissonance. The following cut, "Fade Away" revolves around creamy acoustic pluckings and slowly swelling synth drones, culminating in a raspy crescendo. Despite its concrete nature, there are many nuances to be discovered in A Lone Cloudburst. You'll soon love to learn each and every one of them. Just get a hold of this tape, which comes inside a nifty case that reminds me of the small boxes of crayons given with an Applebee's kid's menu.