Review: White Pages - 7" EP

White Pages - 7" EP
(Can't Stand Ya 2012)
"The fury that can only be fueled by potato chips and rage."

Each time I begin to think that punk, (real punk, mind you) is dying, I come across a band like Cambridge, Massachusetts' White Pages. The trio possesses the unrestrained fury of 80s hardcore staples like Minor Threat and Bad Brains. It's the fury that can only be fueled by potato chips and rage. And probably sweat as well. The lead singer's vocals possess the traditional East Coast punk traits; they're loud, monotone and frantic. 

Interestingly enough, White Pages don't bathe their songs in distortion as many similarly-minded bands do. They have a rather clean tone about them, allowing you to hear the warbly rumble of the power chords rattling against the bass. "Please Kill Them" and "Empty Calories" are the choice cuts of the four tracks, the first supplemented by sing-songy call and response and the latter rather reminiscent of Black Flag's "Six Pack".  This is really rad punk that deserves to be skated to aggressively and mongo-footed.