Summer Listening List Part 2

Here's the second installment of my summer listening series. Download and enjoy.

1) The Yours - "Honey Treats" Combining deadpan vocals, blistering riffs and plenty of distortion, this Hong Kong group sounds like a combination of Joy Division, Yuck and This Heat. This free download will be included on their upcoming album, The Way We Were, which will be released August 11.

2) graves. - "A Peaceful Ride Home"
Imagine the intro to "Mayonnaise" by Smashing Pumpkins slowed down and then remixed by Explosions in the Sky. Whatever that would sound like, it probably wouldn't be that much different than this new song by Columbus' graves. Trance-inducing post-rock doesn't get much better.

3) Seabright - "Sweep Away"
Explosions of noise and summery riffs lead up to a Crystal Castles styled wash of synth-pop euphoria. Seabright's new album comes out August 25.

4) The Choo Choo Trains - "Hilma"
Amateurish twee-pop in the vein of Beat Happening, "Hilma" sounds like a lost K Records recording from 1985. If you're a sucker for cassette tapes like I am, this album is a must have.

5) pacificUV - "Please Please Please"  (Smiths Cover)
Although this sounds nothing like the original track cooked up by Morrissey and the gang, pacificUV turns the acoustic track into a cinematic shoegaze song. Although 80s purists may cry foul, this track is a pretty good listen.