Premiere: DJ Lucas - "What You Aren't Hearing"

(2017 Dark World)

 Whether he's shouting out Dunkin' Donuts, comparing himself to a current or former member of the Boston Celtics, or waxing poetic about Amherst's summer-break sleepiness, you'd be hard-pressed to bump a DJ Lucas track that doesn't publicize life in Massachusetts. To further pledge allegiance to his home state, the Dark World Records emcee compiled this mix of the weirdest, grimiest hip-hop the local scene has to offer: from Jymmy Kafka's lo-fi introspection to WaWa Parrjlow's sinister drill-isms, the tape is a testament to Soundcloud rap's stylistic diversity. Peep the tracklist below:

LuieGO - “Mention” (WMASS)

2REAL - "Ran Off” (DURHAM)

Black Fleece - "Who’s Man?” ft Czarquan (prod Tony Seltzer) (NYC)

Yung Akward - “Limo Out Front” ft Koo Wop (WMASS)

Vonny Montana - “Nightmare” ft Sav (prod RR The Mystic) (WMASS)

DJ Lucas - “Money Smell” ft Slicky Boy Tf (prod @nycsuave) (WMASS / NYC)

Famous Addonis - “Later On” (CT)

Czarquan - “Tens” (prod Czarquan) (NYC)

Lord Brocktree - “I Called Game” ft eRATT (WMASS)

WaWa Parrjlow - “Sticks In The Coup” ft Jimmie Bonez (WMASS)

Lil Terp/PT - “IDK REMIX” ft Koo Wop (prod BoofWell) (WMASS)

Lino Da RockStar - "Cool Shit” (CLEVELAND)

Jymmy Kafka - “The Classic Misdirection” (prod Atf) (EMASS)

Donnyfromtheposter  - “Back In The Day” ft GoonVonDoom, Lotboi Gami (WMASS)

Machakos Kyalo - “On My Pops Top 5” (prod Sly C) (WMASS)

BabyGlock - “Take Out” (prod Tobias) (NYC)

eRATT - “Montreal” ft Sav, Ramzi (prod Ramzi) (WMASS)

Lil Terp/PT - “Pack Town” (prod SexySnake) (WMASS)

Hunnaloe - "Dark World Shit On The Money” ft DJ Lucas (VERY RARE) (WMASS)

Yo Chill - “WEEDMAN” (NYC)